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Encouraging students to think freely and develop a love of learning.

By instilling the core values of integrity, critical thinking, empathy, creativity, and community in every student, Gig Harbor Academy encourages students to become independent thinkers who will positively impact the lives of others. In a student-centered and inclusive environment, GHA embraces the individual learning styles and passions of each student, tailoring the approach and engaging each child in a unique and meaningful way. At Gig Harbor Academy, students are encouraged to cultivate the joy of discovering the world around them.

Guiding Principles

Specialist Program

Building on the importance of educating the whole child, Gig Harbor Academy emphasizes the importance of non-traditional subjects and has created a balanced and focused curriculum for art, music, Spanish, physical education and technology, as well as guided learning each week in the library.

Natural Setting

Students at all ages and grade levels have access to 10 acres of natural surroundings across the wooded campus. Gig Harbor Academy encourages students to explore the world around them, whether they are discovering in the wetlands, working on a real-world assignment in the certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom®, or recreating outside at recess or during PE.

Ideal Class Size

At Gig Harbor Academy, the student to teacher ratio is set intentionally, allowing teachers to adapt, respond, provide, and persevere both in and out of the classroom. Students are given the advantage of an enriched and individualized educational experience where they are seen, heard and understood.

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“We are grateful for the speed and flexibility that GHA has shown in delivering distance learning to our family.”

“We love the focus on character building and the comfort level the students learn to have in conversations with the teachers, staff, and adults at Gig Harbor Academy.”

“We are appreciative that Gig Harbor Academy has not missed a beat and has been able to move to distance learning without missing one day of school.”

2020 Virtual Art Show

To learn more about Gig Harbor Academy and see how independence and individuality are taught in every classroom, schedule a tour today.

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